17 December 2015 @ 07:50 am
So it's already day 17 of december. Christmas is almost here. I have sent out a second batch of christmas cards yesterday. I'm sure I sent over 20 Christmas cards to friends and family. This time there are all store bought though. No time to prepare them myself though I had wished I could have.

Work is kind of stressful, which is mostly why I could not catch up with this meme so far. I've been writing this entry for a few days now, adding a sentence here and there.

At least today I will not be tempted by social media, because I want to avoid Star Wars spoilers. I haven't even seen the trailers besides the teasers and almost read nothing about the movie. I will see it with some friends later tonight and am cautiously optimistic.

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16 November 2012 @ 09:04 am
Evil forces glued me to my bed this morning. I have no idea how I even got to work in time.

Per [livejournal.com profile] oxoniensis recommendation, I checked out Chicago Fire last night and it was gorgeous. Is Gorgeous. And I totally slash Casey/Severide. OMG. The excitement. It's a kind of show I don't usually watch, so it speaks for the quality I think.

Also watched some episodes of Emily Owens MD and even though it isn't bad, there is just way too much second hand embarrassment for me.

I also checked out Arrow recently and quite like it. I'm still a bit irritated though that Lex Luthor is letting them live in his castle.

Whilst doing that I continued to work on my HTML s2 dreamwidth layer and made zero progress. No, atually I managed to integrate a to top button. There is something about the perl language that seriously escapes me. I might just give it up and CSS my way through the styles that are actually there. Still, it is a bit furstrating.

Also even though I had told myself I would not spend any more money, the evil people of lomography.com have sent me a newsletter that said 30% off on a camera I wanted for aaaaages. So I caved because I don't think I will ever get it cheaper.
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