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Birthdate:Jul 18
Location:NRW, Germany

Elli, 28, fangirl, graphic designer, dreamer, procrastinator...

I post about whatever floats my boat. That includes reviews, art and icons of my favorite TV Shows, posts about my friends, work, concerts I go to... I don't censor myself much and just want to have a little fun away from work.I don't really have a friending policy either.
Alias, BSG, Bones, Dark Angel, Dexter, Farscape, Firefly, FNL, Gilmore Girls, Heroes, HIMYM, Lost, Merlin, Moonlight, NCIS, Primevil, Prison Break, Pushing Daisies, Rome, SGA, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Smallville, Star Trek Voyager, Supernatural,Veronica Mars...


Star Wars, Matrix, Dead Poets, Never Been Kissed, Indiana Jones, Moulin Rouge, Harry Potter, Wild Things...


The Boxer Rebellion, Kaizers Orchestra, Klaxons, Snow Patrol, Bloc Party, The Cooper Temple Clause, Union of Knives, Chikinki, Muse, Sting, Richard Bona, Jeff Buckley, Maximo Park, Dominic Miller, Lamb...


Joe Flanigan, McShep, Ollian, Nuke, Van Hansis, Jensen Ackles, Kyle Chandler, Michael Rosenbaum, David Hewlett, Kristin Bell...
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acting, adidas, adobe photoshop, alias, alternative, angel, angstfic, ari gold, arrested developement, arrested development, art, battlestar galactica, bones, books, boys kissing boys, chikinki, chocolate, cinema, coca-cola, computer artwork, computer graphics, concerts, conventions, creativity, css, dance improv, dancing, dark angel, darkover, david hewlett, daydreaming, design, designing, dexter, digital art, digital arts, dollhouse, drums, dvds, english, fanart, fandom, fanfiction, farscape, film, firefly, frank zappa, friday night lights, friends, fringe, gigs, gilmore girls, good music, graphic design, graphics, graphics & multimedia, harry potter, heroes, himym, hip hop, house, how i met your mother, html, hurt/comfort, ice cream, icon making, icons, illustration, improvisation, indie rock, jack nicholson, james mcavoy, jazz, jazz dance, jazz music, jeff buckley, jensen ackles, joe flanigan, john locke, john sheppard, kitchen confidential, lex luthor, london, lost, making icons, matrix, mcshep, merlin, merlin bbc, merlin/arthur, michael rosenbaum, modern dance, moonlight, moulin rouge, movies, music, musical theater, ncis, new york, painting, paris, peter lindbergh, photo manipulation, photography, photoshop, picasso, pizza, pop art, pop culture, post-rock, pretty things, primeval, prison break, psych, pushing daisies, reading, richard bona, robin williams, rock, rock music, rodney mckay, rome, science fiction, scrapbooking, serenity, sexy men, sga, sheppard/mckay, slash, slash fanfiction, smallville, smallville slash, soundtracks, spiderman, star trek, star trek voyager, star wars, starbuck, stargate atlantis, stargate: atlantis, sting, subtext, supernatural, television, terminator: sarah connor chronicles, terminator: the sarah connor chronicles, the boxer rebellion, the cooper temple clause, the matrix, the police, the sarah connor chronicles, theater, tom paris, tv, tv shows, typography, verbotene liebe, veronica mars, veronica/logan, webdesign, writing, x-men,
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