Day 01 → A picture of you taken this year
Day 02 → talk about music this year

Music is such a huge part of my life. I listen to music every day, I switch it on to dance around, it inspires my strories, my creativity, my art, everything. I also really love going to concerts and seeing life music.

Spotify has really been giving my access to finding new music through playlists and stuff, which is amazing.

I had a weird phase in the summer listening to chart music. I'm usually love something different.
Anyway here are my favorite albums of the year.

The new editors album is really good, they are finally back in old form. I especially like the songs Ocean of Night, No Harm and Forgiveness.

This is my favorite album. It was released in 2015, but It is the one album I enjoy every song on.

The new Foals album has really been surprising. This is the first Foals album I enjoyed in its entirety. I did love single songs in the past, but this is such a solid rock album.

Day 03 → talk about movies this year
Day 04 → talk about television this year
Day 05 → talk about books this year
Day 06 → talk about food this year
Day 07 → your week, in great detail
Day 08 → your Hanukkah (or Christmas or Kwanzaa or Eid or Yule or Festivus) wish list
Day 09 → a photo that makes you happy taken this year
Day 10 → a photo of you taken over ten years ago
Day 11 → your favorite photo this year
Day 12 → your favorite website this year
Day 13 → new items you’ve added to collections this year
Day 14 → What you are proud of from this year
Day 15 → something that made you laugh this year
Day 16 → something that made you sad this year
Day 17 → something that made you happy this year
Day 18 → what is on your desk right now
Day 19 → what you learned this year
Day 20 → talk about hobbies this year
Day 21 → what you are most pleased about this year
Day 22 → talk about art this year
Day 23 → What you did to have fun this year
Day 24 → a photo of you and your family
Day 25 → Talk about politics this year
Day 26 → A list of what you got for Hanukkah (or Christmas or Kwanzaa or Eid or Yule or Festivus)
Day 27 → A new years resolution
Day 28 → Something which caught your interest this year
Day 29 → Travel you did this year
Day 30 → Your plans for New Years
Day 31 → Best moment of the month
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