01 February 2016 @ 08:04 pm
Jessica Jones  
I've been meaning to write about Jessica Jones for ages and somehow it is hard to start. I've binged on it the weekend came out and watched all the episodes in two days. So here are some random thoughts behind the cut.

I loved the noir feeling it had. In some parts it reminded me a lot of Veronica Mars, which is still one of my favorite shows. Even in the quiet parts when you didn't know quite know where it was heading, it really commanded my attention.

I loved how the show dealt with rape, trauma and ptsd. The abuse itself was never actually shown, just the fallout and how people dealt with it.

I really loved the fact that there was a balanced number of men and woman in the show and that cast was really diverse. I especially loved the relationsships between all the women, especially Trish and Jessica.

The way male privilege was shown was really interesting and reached a high in the character of Will Simpson, who's ego was so bruised by everthing that he had to insert himself everywhere and try to take over.

Kilgrave was scary as fuck, not just because of his powers, but because he didn't actually have an agenda except cause chaos.