04 January 2016 @ 01:30 pm
Day 05 → talk about books this year  
I did read some books this year, but I could hardly ever find the peace and quit, especially the quit of mind for reading. Sometimes I would read something and it was bad and I would not read anything for ages.

I have read quite a few books about health, fitness, mind and veganism. Many of which were quite inspiring.

The best thing that happened though is that spotify has started having audio books. I've listened to some really good books (and bad ones) this way. Die Seiten der Welt by Kai Meyer was really really good and one of the highlights. I also really enjoyed the psychology of Gone Girl. I also listened to all Harry Potter books and the Mortal instrument. I stopped the latter because it got so bad though.

Currently re-reading (actually listening to) American Gods. I am really looking forward to seeing the TV show.

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