24 February 2009 @ 04:31 pm
Anyways, sometime in january I decided I needed a new userinfo and thus revamped my livejournal style as well.

The userinfo cost me a lot of my patience because livejournal doesn't play by normal html and css rules. The intention was to have a sort of alternate universe including some of my favorite shows. And I do think the new userinfo has sensible information. What do you think?

Anyways, what good is the carnival season if I don't use it for something good. I finished the layout this weekend! Now it works in ie6 as well. If you still find glitches or see them... if you could check it I'd be very grateful. I've cleaned the whole lj css and tweaked a lot of the base style. Would anyone be interested in using it? Because I would share it.

I've incorperated the rotating script into this layout and so far I have 7 headers so far:

  • SGA: Sheppard, Vegas
  • Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles
  • Merlin: Merlin/Arthur
  • Lost: Daniel and Sayid
  • Lost: Ben and Jack
  • Verbotene Liebe: Ollian
  • ASWT: Luke

And will still make some others for Supernatural, SGA, Ollian, the Mentalist, How I met your mother and a few other shows I love. Maybe even Smallville and Star Trek Voyager. So comments, suggestions and critisism are welcome. Or maybe just feedback :)

Check out my brilliant present by [livejournal.com profile] animotus here.

ETA: wohoot! There's a new Terminator: the sarah Connor Chronicles!!
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