22 January 2009 @ 10:57 am
So Rene and I will head home early today to catch Lost. We had originally planned it for friday night but rally cannot wait for it at all. So We started work really early today so we could see it.


That said, I hate livejournal styles. You know why? Because the programming is so shoddy. OMG bad. I want to hurt whoever created this style I'm using for not adhering to some basic rules of HTML. My stale is still kind of wonky because of that. But look, alternating headers.

What do you think of the changes so far, do you have any ideas? the thing is, if I work my posts with HTML and not Auto Formatting it works so well, but my flist is all screwed u, because a lot of you don't. And I do understand that.
Current Music: The Cooper Temple Clause - Who needs enemies?
Current Location: at work
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