30 November 2007 @ 11:02 am
You know this morning when I first checked, I only had one complaint. At work, where I am right now, I have to be very particular at what I view online.

That means explicit materials and youtube vids are totally off limits.

The only thing that helps me is reading the cut tags, or a describtion. You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. Does not do that at all, because some of the content behind that had nothing mature or explicit about it and it largely means that to not get in trouble I will need to avoid any post labeled as such.

ETA: Via cerri and frogspace: How to avoid that adult content warning.

But the thing is, what if I have an innocent post with pic spam... and in comments we start making comments about the hotness of some ass and then it gets more explicit... Does it then need to be flagged?

I mean, I am pretty sure there are underage people on my flist but I don'T think anyone needs to be censored, I want to have fun here!!!!

And the major thing is, as I started reading fanfic, I was still underage and really, I did not care about the labels and the warnings and the, click only if you are over 18 tags. I pressed those buttons anyways. So how hard is it for a teen to just klick that button and do just that?

Also a To-Do list:

  • Reviews fo Chikinki and Dominic Miller

  • Sunday Cookies picspam

  • Chikinki for cerri (2x)

  • SGA Art Santa

  • Send various Photos to people

  • the December dinner mail

  • Book flight and hotel for Peg 3

  • Find weird community names

  • The GateCamp Shirt

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